Denise's Story

When I sat down to write this story, I went blank.

My own coach’s suggestion to connect with my truest self, and tell my story of discovery, made sense. Yet there I was, strangely paralyzed once the reality of putting it out there hit me.

“What IS this?” I thought. “Why the resistance?”

I realized what was holding me back was what holds us all back at some level – FEAR! That crazy tape player in my brain, my gremlin, asking, “But what if it’s not perfect? What if people don’t like me? What if, what if, what if?!”

Once I recognized my old pattern of self-sabotage sneaking in, I was able to set aside the fear and be motivated by the ability to help others I knew would relate to my struggles. And so I share my own journey, in the hopes that it will touch you in a way that helps you in yours.

In 1989, my husband and I founded a financial advisory practice, Clelan and Company. For the ensuing 33 years, I served as financial advisor and practice manager of our firm which grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

I was the quintessential type-A personality, a super-achiever who pretty much accomplished everything I ever committed to. I’d set a goal, do whatever was necessary, achieve, and move on to the next goal. It worked! I was the youngest female in my state to achieve a lofty award at age 24; the first female to chair various professional boards of directors; a successful fundraiser for several local charities; and the recipient of numerous local, state and national awards. All this while raising a daughter and helping to raise two step-children.

To the outside world, it looked as though I was invincible, and I actually began to believe I was. But something inside me was shutting down. My health began deteriorating as early as my late 20’s, and by age 34 I was in a state of debility that made it impossible to lead a normal life.

The overwhelming pain, fatigue, and deep depression were finally diagnosed as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). I fought to overcome these issues for nearly two decades. My condition worsened to the point of complete collapse, when I could no longer process food or even water. The symptoms impacting my emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual states were endless.

Throughout this misery I prayed unceasingly for an answer. One night, out of the blue, “business coaching” popped into my head. I was quite skeptical. For eleven years I had participated in a highly regarded entrepreneurial coaching program, which had not altered my condition in the least. Still, the idea compelled me to seek further. What I discovered was nothing short of a miracle. My quest led me to a life-altering experience. Its name? Core Energy Coaching™.

The genetic condition that fueled my physical deterioration remains unchanged. What has changed is how I view my circumstances, my experiences, and my life. I´ve been able to shift from a severely catabolic state that was draining my life away, to a state of passion, purpose, joy, and fulfillment. The stress under which I operated for years is replaced by a sense of deep inner peace. With it have come major improvements in my health, my relationships, my creativity, and my energy level. I now truly experience a successful life, one aligned with my core personal values.

Strange as it may seem, I’m grateful for each moment of my journey. Had it not been for the complete collapse, I doubt I would have been motivated to seek answers that brought me to this place. And I surely would not have found my calling to support other super-achievers find their true north and experience the stress-free, fulfilling, robust lives they deeply crave and most certainly deserve.

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadershipª Master Practitioner
  • Certified COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist™
  • Certified COR.E Performance Dynamicsª Specialist
  • Founder and Owner of Clelan and Company, a Financial Advisory Firm – 1989 through 2021
  • Founder, President and CEO of Aegis Retirement Strategies, LLC- 2003 to present
  • Qualifying and Life Member of the Million Dollar Roundtable with more than 37 Years Qualifying, Including 18 Court of the Table Appearances
  • Central Penn Business Journal’s ICON Honors award which recognizes business leaders who have left an indelible mark in their fields, and whose integrity, vision, and selfless service have lifted up the Central PA community – 2019
  • Central Penn Business Journal’s Women of Influence Award- 2011
  • First woman in 47 years to serve as Chairwoman of the Keystone Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors’ Board- 2006
  • Harrisburg Magazine’s Dynamic Women of Harrisburg Award- 2002
  • Central Penn Business Journal’s Top 50 Women in Business Award- 2000
  • Central Penn Business Journal’s Top 40 Business Leaders Under 40 Award- 1995
  • First woman in more than 75 years to become President of the Harrisburg Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors- 1992