About Coaching

Do you remember the exhilaration you felt when you started in business?

Sure, there was some fear-maybe even a lot of fear. But you were engaged and 100% committed to your dream. You felt pulled toward that vision of yours and nothing could stop you. There was LIGHT, and lots and lots of energy. In fact, you could work tirelessly for hours on end with laser-like focus. And you loved every minute of it!

Then somewhere in your entrepreneurial journey, something changed. The light began to flicker. Occasionally, or even permanently, it may have gone out. And try as you might, you haven’t been able to reignite it. Oh, there may still be sparks of passion when you land a new opportunity or discover a solution to a complex business problem. But your enthusiasm is short-lived, dampened by all the doing… all the responsibility… all the stuff. And once again, your business feels like WORK. Something’s missing and no matter where you look for answers, you can’t seem to find them.

When the light goes dim for entrepreneurs, the cost can be significant. You may experience feelings of stress or overwhelm, relationships may be strained, your health jeopardized. You may find yourself feeling more and more isolated, and there can be a sense of diminishing hopefulness, lessened creativity, and overall frustration with the business, your team, or even yourself. At the very least, most entrepreneurs find themselves asking the proverbial question, “What’s this all about?” There’s a seeking of something more and a feeling of not knowing what it is or where to find it.

By shifting into consciousness and reconnecting with your core-who you really are at the very center of your being-everything changes. In the light you see things with greater clarity. Everything is brighter and you experience shifts in relationships and connection; productivity; creativity; communication and leadership ability; health; and even inner peace and joy.

Energy LeadershipTM and Core Energy CoachingTM are the catalysts that help you make this incredible shift. How so? This transformational process helps you:
  1. Reveal the default tendencies under which you’ve been unknowingly operating.
  2. See exactly how your perceptions and beliefs are creating the results showing up in your life.
  3. Focus in on that which is holding you back the most.
  4. Become conscious of how these default tendencies have guided your decisions and actions and have driven your business’s success (or lack thereof).
  5. Consistently choose how to respond to your environment and get the results you desire.

Our entrepreneurial coaching process is unique and most importantly, it works! First, we assess your current level of energetic leadership. Despite our best efforts, most of us lug around a lot of catabolic energy that limits our ability to shift into creative, expansive, opportunistic thinking. We try mightily to fight our way through by thinking about the problems and strategically planning out solutions. Yet the more we push at the problems, the more we’re pulled under by them. Instead, through a process of helping you to identify what stands in your own way and shifting your perception of the circumstances you confront, we help you move to a place of higher awareness from which solutions come easily, with commitment and real buy-in.

We help you:
  1. Re-focus your attention, beliefs, and perceptions so that they support your success as opposed to inhibiting it; and reduce or eliminate the related impact.
  2. Shift from focusing on problems and fighting fires; to proactively creating solutions AND having your team do so too.
  3. Recreate and envision the ideal image of your business… and YOU and your role within that ideal business image.
  4. Transition the business into that ideal image so that it reemerges as an energetic, successful and immensely satisfying way to work.
  5. Tap into the Energy of Success which not only enables amazing accomplishments, but also creates an Automatic Abundance Attractor that constantly brings success to your doorstep without any effort on your part.

You may be skeptical especially if, like me, you’ve invested thousands of dollars in coaching, consulting, and motivational speakers over the years with only temporary or tepid results.

Whereas most coaching programs focus primarily on the outer you-the doing-we start with the inner you, where all sustainable change occurs. We help you free yourself from catabolic energy and leverage your unique gifts so that you can enjoy a life that honors your personal values. From this place, you’re able to enjoy the sense of freedom and fulfillment that’s truly at the heart of your entrepreneurial spirit.